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Religions – New: – Prove Me The Lord Says – May 4, , 2024

Midnight Call  –  NEW  Post:  Tucker Carlson Gets Huge Offers to Social Problems Aired and Fixed  –

What’s the Goal for Humanity?

Cephas Notes   May 6, 2024 – House GOP Passes Controversial Bill Labeling Certain Christian Scriptures as ‘Antisemitic,’ Sparking Fears of Criminalizing the Bible

Cephas-Tribune – Updated  June 30, 2024 – TuckerElectionInternational Protests

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Reality of Noahide Laws updated February 26, 2023

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Cephas Files  Aug 7, 2022   Proposed Law would let People Switch Gender Annually??

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Urgent 2 The Ten Virgins  April 9, 2022 – God’s DNA

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